Les Sentinelles de l'oubli

Les Sentinelles de l'oubli

Shared recollections #11



The memorials of WWI have become so familiar that we no longer see them. They are an invisible museum that has come to merge with the landscapes of France. Then, one fine day, a sculpture catches our eye. Another story emerges, perhaps the biggest artistic project since the cathedrals. These statues take us into a world parallel to our own, where the ghosts of the Great War live on.

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Tue 3 October14:00 - 15:30 Cinéma La Comète
With director Jérôme Prieur in person.
Tue 3 October20:00 - 21:30 Salles intercommunale Suippes
With director Jérôme Prieur in person.
DirectionJérôme PRIEUR
ScreenplayJérôme PRIEUR
CinematographerRenaud PERSONNAZ
EditorIsabelle POUDEVIGNE
MusicMarc-Olivier DUPIN
SoundAlix EWALD, Alban SANTOUR and Amélie CANINI
ProductionMélisande Films

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