WoS in motion

Each year, the War on Screen programme is designed with all members of our audience in mind. 

Thanks to our various partners hosting the fringe screenings, War on Screen takes place in much of the area surrounding Châlons-en-Champagne, thus offering everyone the opportunity to participate in this festival for cinephiles. 

La Caravane Ensorcelée

The Caravane Ensorcelée, the mobile cinema dedicated to short films, returns to War on Screen. The programme offers school groups impromptu screenings of short films, of all eras and genres, exploring the theme of the Festival. 


Cinéligue is a national network of mobile cinemas which allows people living far from city centres to enjoy cinema, along with cultural and audiovisual activities. Cinéligue will be at the Bayen Lycée and throughout the municipality of Mourmelon. 

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