WoS Fabrique

The participants

Discover the projects selected to participate to the 2022 WoS Fabrique !

The FEMIS Projects

Au petit matin


Project by Aliona Zagurovska, produced by Anne-Laure Berteau

Coup d’Etat


Project by Pablo Léridon, produced by Hugo Tomes and Elsa Klughertz

The Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf Projects



Project by Leon Weber, produced by Christoph Mohr

Silent War


Project by Lilith Kugler, produced by Anna Maria Pürthner

The Lodz Film School Projects



Project by Milosz Sawicki, produced by Adrianna Redzia

The ECAM projects

The Idea of an Island


Project by Carmen Pedrero, produced by Eva Bodas 



Project by Luis Morla, produced by Anxo Soilàn


Against Time


Projects by Mihnea Toma, produced by Livia Maria Sîrbu

Cigarettes and Chocolate


Project by Valentin Fogoros, produced by Bogdan-Lucian Botescu

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