WoS Fabrique



The German laureate

Border Ping Pong
Direction: Dina El-Zeneiny
Production: Ben-Alexander Hüttig
Institution: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Synopsis : A soldier is killed in a mysterious incident on the border, setting off a ridiculous chain of events in which a journalist goes on a journey to find the truth, while a military officer attempts to shut down the story.

The French laureate

Title: Pour ceux
Direction: Emile Perseghian
Production: Lucien Pin, Thibault Elie et Maxime Grojeannne (Morituri Films)
Institution: La Fémis

Synopsis: Jean, a Frenchman of Armenian descent, returns home to bury his cousin who died at the front during the second Nagorno-Karabakh war.

The Polish laureate

Broken Flowers
Direction: Artem Rachkelyuk
Production: Daria Przybylska
Institution: Lodz Film School

Synopsis: Nadia, a Ukrainian girl, works in one of the hotels in Warsaw. One day, a Russian pianist comes to the hotel to take part in a Chopin competition.

The Spanish laureate

For better or worse, you will never die
Direction: Virginia Rita Luengo
Production: Tina V. Mollá et Ágeles
Institution: ECAM

Synopsis: As Marta (8) and Claudia (6) prepare to spend the day by the river, their mother receives a call from Vanesa, a family friend, who tells her that her grandfather's exhumation has begun.

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