WoS Fabrique

Script doctor

Over the course of the writing residency and during the two sessions, in October and December, the WoS Fabrique participants are assisted by a member of the film industry who offers them professional advice on script development, helping them refine and finalise their projects.


                       MANELE LABIDI
Manele Labidi



For the fourth year in a row, Manele Labidi was present alongside the participants to WoS Fabrique as their script development advisor.

Manele Labidi is a French director. Before directing the short film, Une chambre à moi, a tragicomic variation on the work of Virginia Woolf, she practiced theatre and radio writing. In 2020, she released Un divan à Tunis, her first feature film distributed in more than 40 countries and awarded the Audience Award at the Venice Mostra. In France, it was seen by nearly 330,000 spectators. She is currently working on her second feature film, which will be released in 2024.

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