Press Jury

Valérie Nivelon


Conceived in 1966, the year in which Jean Rouch made Dogon drums and Wanzerbe, Valérie Nivelon grew up in the provinces to the sound of her father’s music and her mother’s activism. Journalist and writer, she created the programme La marche du monde on RFI in 2002. The winner of the 2011 SCAM Award, she documents memories of colonialism, struggles for emancipation and extreme forms of violence…in search of humanity.

Pierre Barbancey


Special correspondent at L’Humanité, Pierre Barbancey won the Bayeux Award for war correspondents. He has published reports on the major conflicts of the past twenty years in the Middle East, Africa and ex-Yugoslavia. Which has not stopped him from going to the cinema! And even “covering” the Cannes Film Festival each year for l’Huma. Constantly somewhere between reality and fiction. War on Screen might be safer but just as terrific as War on Ground!



Clarisse Fabre


Clarisse Fabre has been working in the culture section of Le Monde since 2004, where she has written about social issues (contract workers in the entertainment industry), cultural politics, gender (she co-wrote Liberté, égalité, sexualités (Liberty, equality, sexualities) (Ed. 10/18) with Éric Fassin), before joining the cinema team. When previously writing about politics, she followed affairs in Parliament as well as covering the Presidential elections in 2002.

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