Juries and Guests

Student Jury

For the eighth consecutive year, War on Screen welcomes a Student Jury for the Feature Film International Competition. Twelve students from the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris - Reims Campus & Nancy Campus, and the Superior National School of Arts and Trades (ENSAM) of Châlons-en-Champagne, will comply to the difficult exercise of awarding a prize to the best Feature Film.


Since its creation in 1780, Arts et Métiers endeavors to find solutions to the constantly evolving industrial and societal challenges. Its principal mission is to train engineers specializing in sustainable technologies: engineers capable of both inventing environmental-friendly products and systems and also of supervising an industrial organization, and managing risks and costs. 


The aim of the founder of Sciences Po was to create an entire training programme not available to the elite of the time. One hundred and fifty years later, Sciences Po has become an international research university with 13,000 students. Both its educational and scientific projects remain motivated by a clear ambition: to understand the world in order to transform it. 





ENSAM - Châlons-en-Champagne : Léa ABITBOL - Jean LEPRINCE-RINGUET - Andréol COURTOIS - Louise CHARTIER.

                Sciences Po - Campus Reims : April ANDRE - Adélie BADIOU - Gabriella CARREIRA - Mathilde NDIAYE.

                                   Sciences Po - Campus Nancy : Juliette CUEGNET - Lou HORIOT DE LA PANNETERIE - Garance PERRIN - Ninnog VALLERIE.

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