WoS and School Children

While the image increasingly dominates our everyday lives, the Festival has made it a priority to offer children a veritable artistic education allowing them to understand and to develop the ability to critique the surge of images confronting them. Students also take part in practical workshops in which they learn the language of the cinema. The Festival provides the students’ teachers with professionals to accompany them. 
This commitment to younger audiences and school children, a natural extension of the work of La Comète throughout the year, makes it possible to reach growing numbers of students each year. Hence, since the foundation of War on Screen, the attendance of school children has steadily increased, reaching 3,070 in 2018. 


The Pierre Bayen Lycée, a partner of the Festival since its creation, has set up a class in option légère in Audiovisual Cinema, with the support of the Festival and the La Comète Pole Cinema. Available to Year 11 students starting in September 2019, it should be extended to Year 12 for the 2020 school year. 

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