An Orange From Jaffa

Une orange de Jaffa

An Orange From Jaffa

WoS Fabrique

France, Poland


Short film


Mohammed, a young Palestinian, is desperately looking for a taxi to cross a checkpoint in order to meet his mother, who is waiting for him on the Israeli side. Farouk, the taxi driver, hesitates because the young man has no permit. At the checkpoint, Farouk discovers that Mohammed already tried unsuccessfully to cross the border via Qalandia... 

Trouble begins...

Sat 7 October10:45 - 12:30 Cinéma La Comète
With the directors in person.
DirectionMohammed ALMUGHANNI
CastSamer BISHARAT and Kamel EL BASHA
ScreenplayMohammed ALMUGHANNI
CinematographerMaciej EDELMAN
EditorNatalia JACHEC
MusicRobert LOGAN
SoundAleksandra LANDSMANN
ProductionSynecdoche and Indeks Film Studio

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