WoS Fabrique

The laureates from 2021

The German laureate


Title : Ringbahn

Direction : Narges Derakhshan

Production : Nicholas Kirchner 

Institution : Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Synopsis : The 31-year-old Kurdih-Iraqi woman Zeinab, who suffers from PTSD after losing her family once in Iraq-Mosul, loses them again in the Berlin subway. She chases them on its circular, never-ending tracks.

The French laureate


Title : La Nuit noire

Direction : Hong-Kai Liang

Production : Elsa Klughertz and Anne-Laure Berteau 

Institution : La Fémis

Synopsis : In a post-apocalyptic world, Hao, 15, is surviving in a city controled by soldiers who hunt down the inhabitants who have turned into monsters and cannibals. Hao's girlfriend, Ying, is one of them. Despite the danger she represents for him, Hao tries to protect her and flee with her to the mountains. Ying then seems to be coming back to herself, as the hope for one last embrace rises.

The Polish laureate


Title : People & Things

Direction : Damian Kosowski

Production : Daniel Krzyżanowski

Institution : Lodz Film School

Synopsis : A mass grave was discovered in the village of Palanka as a consequence of the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. Marta (24) arrives with her daughter Mejra (5) and voyfriend Edvin (21) to collect the DNA result of her missing husband Hejman. During two days, Marta will not only find out if her husband is alive, but in addition to confronting the past, she also will be faced with the most important one - the present.

The Spanish laureate

Title : The Night Just Before the Woods

Direction : Alejandro Renedo

Production : Jesús Choya

Institution : ECAM

Synopsis : A group of young immigrants, following the instructions of a smuggler, wait for the arrival of a man who must come to guide them to the next point in their journey to cross the border. Abandoned to their own fate, the young people are forced to wait in the middle of a forest that is unknown to them; however, the days pass and no one comes to meet them...
Our story begins with a dead man, with a corpse that falls from a tree, with the first victim of this wait.
The dead man deserves a grave and they begin to dig a hole to bury him; however, the wait is an anguish that transforms reality turning the hole into a trench to escape from fear, a black hole that will absorb them to the point of preferring to continue digging endlessly rather than face the unknown, because... What can you do when all you can do is wait?

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