WoS Fabrique

The participants

Discover the projects selected to participate to the 2023 WoS Fabrique !

The FEMIS Projects

Judith anger or the national narrative


Project by Orane Gibier, produced by Hugo Tomes

Pour ceux


Project by Emile Parseghian, produced by Lucien Pin, Maxime Grojeanne and Thibault Elie 

The Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf Projects

Border ping pong


Project by Dina El-Zeneiny

Lynne and Rachel


Project by Victoria Vosseberg, produced by Karoline Hunder

The Lodz Film School Projects

Angel in blood


Projects by Artem Rachkelyuk, produced by Daria Przybylska 



Project by Mikołaj Mielczarek, produced by Michelina Pruska

The ECAM projects

For better or worse, you will never die 


Project by Virginia Rita Luengo, produced by Tina V Mollá - Ángeles Lopez Guerrero

Fantasy land


Project by Aitana Ahrens, produced by Jaume Subirós



Project by Lucía Merino Vázquez and Javier Prieto, produced by David Fernández

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