WoS Fabrique

The laureates from 2019

The German laureate

Project title : The Taster

Direction / Script : Sophia Bierend

Production : Alexander Leonard Temme

School partner : Filmuniversität Babelsberg



In a world where one fights for access to basic resources, Ozana, a young girl full of life, is designated as taster by the soldiers who occupy the region. She makes a mistake that could cost her life. The leader of the regime, an aggressive and unpredictable man, subjects her to a dangerous dilemma: she will have to decide the life and death of the kitchen staff.

The French laureate

Project title : Bahut

Direction / Script : Janloup Bernard

Production : Eliott Khayat / Hugo Tomes

School partner : La Fémis



Woyzeck, whom everyone calls W., joined a prestigious military high school. While he is of modest origin, he will try to find his place within La Famille Traditionnelle, a group of influential students.

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