Danièle Thompson

Danièle Thompson

The daughter of filmmaker Gérard Oury and actor Jacqueline Roman, Danièle Thompson grew up in the world of the cinema. She began her scriptwriting career in 1966, working with her father on La Grande Vadrouille. They continued to work together on The Brain, Delusions of Grandeur and The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. These successful collaborations made a name for Danièle Thompson in French cinema. In 1977 she was nominated for the Oscar for Best Screenplay with Jean-Charles Tacchella for the film Cousin, Cousine, in which she explores what would become her theme of preference: the family and its idiosyncracies. Alongside her “family” accomplishments, she succeeded in helping Sophie Marceau win French hearts by writing for Claude Pinoteau the two parts of The Party and later, in 1988, L’Etudiante. In 1999 she tried her hand at directing with the film Season’s Beatings, co-written with her son Christophe Thompson and nominated for the César Award for Best First Work and Best Screenplay. In 2016 Danièle Thompson changed her style, both writing and directing the biopic Cezanne and I.

Films : 

1966 : La Grande vadrouille  (Screenplay)

1971 : Delusions of Grandeur (Screenplay)

1973 : The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (Screenplay)

1999 : Season’s Beatings

2002 : Jet Lag 

2006 : Orchestra Seats 

2009 : Change of Plans 

2016 : Cezanne and I 

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