WoS Fabrique

WoS Festival 2023 Screening

Discover in PREMIERE the short films made by the WoS Fabrique Program laureates



            SATURDAY 7TH OCTOBER - 10:45 AM


Ash Wednesday

Bárbara Santos, João Pedro Prado
Germany — 2023 — Fiction — 30’ — O.V. with French subtitles

Last day of carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Demétria is waiting for her daughter Cora in a favela. Several men arrive: a priest, the governor and, a policeman. A violent police operation is underway.

Water Cooler War

Lisa Sallustio
France — 2023 — Fiction — 11’ — French

A man in blue waits, thirsty, in a poorly ventilated room. The arrival of a man in red, pulling a splendid water cooler, triggers a conflict between the two, leading to an epic war.

Longest Night

Hong-Kai Liang
France, Taïwan — 2023 — Fiction — 19’  — O.V. with French subtitles

In a post-apocalyptic world, Hao survives in a city under the control of the military, who hunt down the inhabitants who have become monstrous, including his girlfriend Ying. Despite the danger, he tries to protect her.

An Orange from Jaffa

Mohammed Almughanni
France, Poland — 2022 — Fiction — 27’ — O.V. with French subtitles

Mohammed, a young Palestinian, is searching for a taxi to cross a checkpoint and reunite with his mother on the Israeli side. He doesn't have a pass. Upon reaching the checkpoint with the taxi driver, trouble begins...

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