WoS Fabrique

The laureates from 2020

The German laureate


Title : Ash Wednesday

Direction : João Pedro Prado, Barbara Santos

Production : Vincent Edusei

School : Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Synopsis : It is the last day of carnival at a favela in Rio de Janeiro, where gunshot sounds are incessant and the military presence has been recurrent over the past thirty years. Demétria is waiting for Cora, her only child, to come back home from school, but in the meantime a surprise police raid commences outside. As night falls and she struggles to hold on to the fading hopes of finding her daughter, Demétria will be visited by three characters – The Policeman, The Pastor and The Governor –, all of whom play different parts in the never-ending war outside.

The French laureate



Title : Water Cooler War

Direction : Lisa Sallustio

Production : Tristan Vaslot

School : La Fémis

Synopsis : A man dressed in blue, thirsty, is waiting in a poorly-ventilated room. Another man, dressed in red, enters the room, dragging a splendid water dispenser behind him. This intrusion sparks a conflict between them, evolving into an epic war between the red army and the blue army.

The Polish laureate


Title : An Orange From Jaffa

Direction : Mohammed Almughanni

Production : Patryk Sielecki

School : Lodz Film School

Synopsis : Mohammed takes a taxi to cross the checkpoint between the Palestinian territories and Israel in order to get to Jaffa. His mother is waiting for him on the other side. The owner of the taxi is hesitant to take him, because Mohammed does not have an entry permit. Instead, he has a foreign residency. Upon reaching the checkpoint, the taxi driver discovers that Mohammed already attempted to get through a different inspection point and was rejected. The army stops the taxi for several hours, suspicious of the two men. Complications arise at the Israeli Army border when the taxi driver is at the risk of getting his car confiscated and Mohammed is threatened with prison.

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