2021 Visual

The 9th edition invites the new generations to take hold of the future!

This year it is an image from the film Hope and Glory, a film directed by John Boorman, released in 1987 and screened at War on Screen in 2014 as part of the director's retrospective.

The visual addresses the theme of childhood. Here, in Hope and Glory, the two young protagonists Billy Rohan (Sebastian Rice-Edwards) and his little sister Sue (Geraldine Muir) look up to the sky.
What are they looking at? What suddenly sparks their curiosity? 

The visual of #wos2021 is an invitation for new generations to take hold of the future!

For its 9th edition, the International Film Festival of Châlons-en-Champagne - War on Screen has chosen to entrust the design of its visual once again to KIBLIND Agence.


Download the visuals

The 2021 web version visual : with logos / without logos 
The 2021 HD visual


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