WoS action year-round


The school-based artists’ residency will provide primary and secondary school students with the opportunity to construct critical appraisal, readying them for encountering and considering the works on show, while allowing them to use their imaginations in a practical way via a specific artistic approach. 

These are the ambitions of the 2021/22 residency “Sound – Image – Emotion”, to be held in the region of Anglure with four primary and two secondary school classes.

Based on a work of cinema heritage within the framework of the WoS festival, the students will be invited to reflect on the relationship between image and sound, and to discover, via an artistic approach, to what degree and in what way these elements convey emotions and sensations during the production of a collective short film.

Court toujours

As part of the 2018 International Film Festival War on Screen, 20 young people aged between 13 and 17, from the priority neighbourhoods of the City of Châlons-en-Champagne, took a unique look at the theme of conflict through the making of a short film. Accompanied by a number of professionals, they took part in all the stages of film production while learning the language and techniques of cinema. They also complemented their artistic experience by attending the Festival in 2018 and its screenings, and the MASH UP workshop led by Julien Lahmi. 

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